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5 things you didn’t know about me

Parker Kate Larissa Elle

Hello my lovelies! Today’s blog post is a bit more random, and a tiny bit more personal. Below are 5 things you didn’t know about me, if you are new to this blog. Well, everyone is new to this blog, including me….so here goes!


My adult education (thus far..)

I went to college twice, and yes I graduated both times. I went into Paralegal when I was 17 and fresh out of high school, and looking back now I struggled, hard with that program. It wasn’t because I didn’t understand the material but, I was the only one my age in the program. The majority of the students were older, and some were taking the program as a second career option. It made it hard being so young and trying to connect with the older students. I did end up working for a corporation that did filings for law firms in the big city for a year, that was when I discovered my love for the big city! I hated the company I was working for, needless to say my contract was not renewed for that job. About three years later I decided to go back for journalism and my admiration for photography and blogging took off.

Beauty School

Two years after graduating from Journalism I was bartending and going to beauty school part-time. It was an introductory level course that a friend told me about. This time I was the oldest student in the class, but most of the students were only 3 years younger at most. I did learn some amazing techniques, but the actual ‘artistry’ I already knew or taught myself from Youtube. Now, with saying that I have never stopped learning or wanting to improve my techniques as a freelance makeup artist.


I’m thinking about taking a online course in advertising, marketing or public relations. I would love to do something social media related within the beauty or fashion industry.


First love

It was my birthday, the year was 2007 and my parents had gifted me with my first professional camera. It was a Nikon SLR, with the standard kit lens and 8 gig memory card. The art I could create with a camera just blew my mind, I had fresh perspective on the world. My dad loves film photography and he was initially the one who got me interested in it, and from time to time we still go out and shoot pictures together.


I’ve struggled with blogging for years, I would start one and take it down. I doubted myself, I hated idea of people I knew finding it and judging me for it. It was a non-stop battle with myself to be consistent, stay motivated and find some direction within a niche. I spent $300 dollars five years ago to start my blog, Style by Elle, can you believe that? I just should have gone shopping with that money or paid some bills because it was an empty rented space.

Why start blogging now? Why will this time be any different? The reason it’s different this time is because I’m exhausted with arguing with myself. I’m tired of failing at something I’ve always wanted to do for myself, and hopefully can grow into a business. I want Parker Kate to become a brand I’m proud of, one that I created and not another idea I just talked about. I’m challenging myself to complete a dream and stay motivated, hopefully it works in my favour this time.


This is a word I’m learning to accept, and one I loath. I, Larissa Elle, am a procrastinator by choice. I will leave the simplest task to the last minute, be the last one to get ready and barely making it to anything on time. I’ve decided I’m done with this, and I even wrote a blog post about combating being a procrastinator (here).  I would like to be organized, motivated and not so lazy. Life was easier and simpler when I had organization in my life.


First Trip

In July of 2017 I went with my mom and co-workers to Cuba. It was my first plane ride, my first official vacation outside of Canada, it was amazing! I never planned to travel anywhere in my early 20’s because I was afraid of flying. I allowed fear to dictate my life in ways I didn’t even know about. Don’t live your life in fear because you will lose out on some fabulous adventures!


Well there you have it, now tell me something that no one may know about you!


-Larissa Elle







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