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About the Brand

Welcome to Parker Kate, this blog was created in January 2018. Our creator, Larissa Elle needed creative place to showcase her take on daily life, beauty and fashion trends and whatever else pops into her little blonde head. 

Here is where honest reviews will be posted on beauty products and clothing brands and why is the sky is blue according to us! We never will lead our readers down a dishonest path if something we haven’t used, tested out and absolutely swear by!

For now we’re excited to get to know you, our readers through your feedback. Feel free to reach us through all forms of our social media outlets, commenting on posts and through email.

Interested in being a contributor or guest blogger? Email Elle@parkerkate.ca with the title, Guest blogger or Contributor, with a few example posts and any social media connections!!

About Larissa Elle

Hello, and welcome my name is Larissa Elle, not Parker Kate. Parker Kate is my brand which I hope to launch into a fashion and beauty company. Currently, I’m a freelance makeup artist, bartender and blogger.  You can find out more about my background here.

I created Parker Kate with the hopes of working for myself and doing something I love to do. I’ll  be chronicling my journey to becoming my own boss, you can read it here, along with other tips for girl bosses.

Interested in brand collaborations, sponsorships or media inquiries click here.


  1. How tall are you? I’m 5’1″.
  2. Who takes your photos? As of now it’s myself; or my assistant.
  3. What camera do you use? I’m a Nikon girl, so the Nikon D3200 or my phone.
  4. Do you still work as a freelance makeup artist? Yes, but it’s very minor.
  5. What do you blog about? Fashion, beauty, blogging and lifestyle.
  6. What is most important to you as a content creator? Being authentic is my priority when it comes to creating content. I would never recommend any product, service or brand that I don’t believe in, stand behind and haven’t tried myself. The trust factor you build with your audience should never be abused for profit.