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10 things girl bosses do

Parker Kate Larissa Elle

These days anyone can be their own boss and start their own business. ‘Girlboss’ is the latest trend word to describe female entrepreneurs.  Here are 10 tips that woman (or men) do for a productive day.

10 Tasks That Girl Bosses Do

  1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Why? Well, to have your own business you typically need to be awake during business hours to reach clients and network, unless your business is international and you’ll never sleep again!
  2. Have a weekly and daily routine, and try to plan out the next day, the night before. If you have a routine, you’re more likely to be productive.
  3. When you wake up try to not be consumed by your phone. Hit the alarm on your phone and leave it alone. Go make your coffee and have a few moments of deep breathing or meditation. This clears your mind and sets up your day in a calm and open manner.
  4. Prep the night before. This means make lunch, or lunches if you’re a mom, pick out your outfit and prep it. Review your list you’ve made and see what small things you can do now to make tomorrow easier.
  5. Carry a planner or use the one on your phone, set reminders in your phone for important events at least 2 days before. Create a content or business calendar if you don’t have one.
  6. Make sure you make time for yourself and your family. This means shut off your phone and your emails. Get off social media by a certain time each day to disconnect and decompress.
  7. Bulk as many similar weekly or monthly work-related tasks together. I will bulk write my posts weekly or bi-weekly for the month in a day. Another day I will bulk shoot images for the posts, or edit Youtube videos in bulk.
  8. If you say you’re going to do or achieve something, do it. Talk is great but action gets results.
  9. Push yourself every day, don’t allow the excuses to band-aid your behaviour.
  10. Drink less caffeine and more water. Staying hydrated and focused is important for your hustle or side hustle to succeed.

What are some tips or advice you have for inspiring other entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comment section!


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