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How to create a content calendar and why it’s important

There are days where life just happens, days where you feel tired and uninspired this is why you need to a content calendar. I am guilty of all of not having a content calendar. I’ve learned the importance of blogging with intent, on a schedule and blogging in bulk because it prevents radio silence for your audience. If I’m not providing value with content on a consistent basis, then why would anyone visit my blog?

Blogging with intent

Blogging with intent has been quite challenging for me since I started. I want to create content that I would find interesting, valuable and fun. I don’t want to force myself to blog for the sake of posting something. If I post for the sake of meeting a deadline, it feels fake, and I hate feeling inauthentic. Bloggers, brands and social media influencers are constantly being accused of being “inauthentic” and yes, there are some who are. It’s the classic catch-22 which leads me into my next point about why having a schedule is so important.

Content Calendar

A content calendar allows you plan out your posts, social media campaigns and time management. Planning and staying organized will elude the mess I’ve created these past few weeks. As a content creator you’ll learn to organize, save on time, know what to post when it’s scheduled. You can break this down into daily, weekly and monthly sections. Clearly, I still need to establish a schedule for the Parker Kate brand. Here is an example:

Blog posts – Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays

Mondays – Content just about blogging.

Thursdays – Fashion posts

Sundays- Girl boss posts

Social Media (Daily)

Daily – Instagram post (Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays feature the blog post) Tuesdays – Quote, Wednesday- interactive poll Friday – Beauty Spotlight Saturday- Fashion

Twitter – (Mondays, Thursday and Sunday feature the blog posts), engage with other followers in the community, announce new Instagram post, feature other bloggers you love ect.

Facebook (Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays feature the blog post), engage with your audience, creating a live stream every other Sunday about the community and topics

Once you have regular routine going, you can manage your time better. You can also add in this in with your daily calendar, to make time for the important things like watching the Bachelor, or Sunday night family dinner and a movie.

Bulk Content Creating

This is going to save your life, or your sanity. Creating content in bulk means only performing one task for a specfic amount of time.  For a few hours on Sunday afternoons, I will only shoot pictures for my content that week, or I will write out all my blog posts beauty or blogging. Bulk content creating is whatever you need it to be so you can stay ahead of the game, always have something to post and ease the stress of the daily, “I don’t have anything for tomorrows post” melt down. You can also add this into your content calendar weekly to stay organized.

Here is a quick example:

Sunday (7 p.m. – 9 p.m. ) Write weekly blogging posts (a months worth)

Monday( 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.) – Shoot fashion posts with photographer (Bring 5 outfits, scout locations)

Wednesday (1 p.m. – 3 p.m.) – Shoot and edit images for blog posts and social media platforms

I hope this posts helped out, because now I’ve going to work on my content calendar for the next week and see what routine works out best for me. That’s the trick is finding out what you need to do, how do it and when is the best time for you, and if doesn’t work you can always change it! Let’s keep the procrastination at bay!


Larissa Elle




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