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Lise Watier Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Makeup Collection

Brief History of Lise Watier Cosmetics

I’ve been a massive fan of Lise Watier for years, and if you don’t know about her brand this is the collection that you will get you addicted! Lise Watier is a Canadian cosmetic and skincare brand that recently celebrated their 46th anniversary. The company’s creation started with the woman herself, Lise Watier a former teacher of her own school, she was a television host who went on to create a Canadian cosmetic line, to “highlight the unique, individual beauty of each and every woman.”

They have a range of staple beauty products and skincare to achieve the most natural, and gorgeous makeup looks. The brand comes out with four limited edition collections a year, one for each season. As someone who has purchased these collections since I was 19, in the past two years the Spring and Summer limited collections have been lack lustre to say the least. I was losing hope in the brand until the Spring 2018 Urban Velocity collection launched earlier last month. This collection is fresh, different, beautifully formulated and pigmented. Right now, I’m very impressed with this collection, not only as makeup artist but, also as a  customer for over the last decade!

Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Collection

Parker Kate, Larissa Elle, Lise Watier Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Collection

This eye palette screams Spring, romance and maybe I’ll be wearing these on Valentine’s Day! Each shadow in the Urban Velocity Trio Baked Eyeshadow ($ 44.00 CA) can be used wet or dry, with satin-pearl finish. According to head makeup artist, David Vincent, you can wet the eyeshadows and apply them as an eyeliner for a metallic finish. The packaging and the colour selection is what attracted me to this palette with the beautiful soft pink, and plum colour.

Keep an eye out for a full makeup tutorial using the Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Collection on Youtube, launching before Valentine’s 2018!

Parker Kate Larissa Elle Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Collection Lise Watier

This is a blush and a highlighter in one which gives the skin a warm pink glow. Now you can always add more highlighter, if you’re like me, your highlighter can double as your flash light! The Urban Velocity Baked Blush ($34.00 CAD) is the perfect mix of light pink and peachy brown tones with a radiant finish, suitable for any skin type, or age. There is no shimmer, glitter or sparkles and it’s formulated with no parabens, oil or talc, which makes it melt into the skin.

Parker Kate Lise Watier Larissa Elle Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Collection

My favourite part of any collection is the lip products, and this shea butter infused is gorgeous! The
Urban Velocity Swirl (Marble) Lipstick ($25.00 CAD) is sheer formulation with a perfect mix of mauve and berry undertones. I love it because it plays with your natural lip colour, giving everyone their own unique shade. I’m glad this is not a true metallic formulation, so anyone can wear it.

It’s nice to see that the Urban Velocity Spring 2018 Collection is mending the gap between making the collection wearable for all ages, while trying to amp up it’s trend factor. I’m excited to see what Lise Watier launches for their Summer 2018 collection, hopefully they’ll stay with this fresh new vibe!

Let me know what your thoughts are about this collection, if you have tried the any of the pieces and has it attracted you back to the brand? Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our Valentine’s Day tutorial featuring this collection!


Larissa Elle

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