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My last fall post and why I’m looking forward to the holidays

Happy Sunday folks! This is my last autumnal post of 2018, because after this I’m going to into full Christmas mode. Why? Well, this time last year I was just entering the first month of my “year off”. I say that because I quit my bartending job to take care of a sick family member, whom had major surgery. This followed almost 9 months of chemotherapy, recovery and I had to put my career aspiration on hold. Luckily, my family member is recovering which means I was able to go back to working part-time, blogging and able to start freelancing again.

It feels great to share aspects of my personal life along with my many posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. I know the beauty posts are lacking (significantly) for being a makeup artist. I’m trying to figure out what I should post here for that, since I mainly keep beauty themed content on my Instagram. If you have any ideas, requests or questions about beauty products that you want featured in a blog post, just comment below.

General Note:¬†For my fashion content I like to incorporate older pieces from my wardrobe with recent purchases. This is why I don’t always link the exact items but similar pieces at different pieces in the, ‘shop my outfit section’. A reader emailed me recently asking why not all the items shown were linked, so that’s why I decided to include that general memo here.

Now enough about myself, onto the fashion portion of this post. The hat (old) is from Guess, faux fur vest (old) and sweater dress (new) are from Dynamite and the over-the-knee boots (old) are from Spring.


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  1. November 25, 2018 / 10:40 am

    I love this outfit SO much!!! I do the same, incorporate old items and link similiar. No idea how fashion bloggers are able to post brand new outfits 7 days a week! I’m so happy to hear your family member is doing better and that you’re able to start working part time again.
    Oh gooooooodness I have SO many makeup questions! I’m a lost baby when it comes to makeup. I’d love to know what concealers you recommended and how to properly apply them. I like never wear concealer or any sort of “cover up” so I’m lost. I’d also love to get your opinion on eyebrow products! Gels? Powders? Pencils? Maybe I should just DM you on Instagram with all my makeup questions! Haha.

    • Parker Kate
      November 26, 2018 / 9:42 pm

      Thanks so much Meg!! I have no idea how these gals do it either! Dm me if you have makeup questions girl, I’m usually on Instagram!! My favourite concealer to use on clients and myself is from IT Cosmetics, if you don’t know what shade try ‘medium’. If doesn’t crack or highlight under eye wrinkles. Eyebrow products depends, do you want shape? Do you want them thicker or filled in? I use a pencil shape the bottom and powder to fill everything else in!! Good questions thought, you just gave me some ideas for blog posts or videos for all these questions!! xoxo

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